Personal Training

I offer completely private 1 to 1 personal training sessions in my small studio gym. If you need help with exercise knowledge, technique, support and accountability, this could be the service for you.

These in-person sessions are £30.50 each and there is no minimum commitment.

I pride myself on my anatomy knowledge, specialise in biomechanics and injury management – working closely with Marple Physiotherapy – and have helped lots of people improve their physique, strength, mobility and fitness during my years as a personal trainer.

I’m empathetic, and also understand that the hardest workout is not always the best or most appropriate one. I don’t take pride in incapacitating my clients.

So if you want an experienced personal trainer who will support, motivate and educate you in a completely private non-judgemental environment, please fill in an enquiry form below and start your journey today!


Personal Training Enquiry Form
If any or varied, just state flexible.

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